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Public pianos around Singapore for all to play! #playitforwardsg

There're many people who love to play piano but, for many reasons, stopped doing so. There're also many who don't have access to this instrument. Yet at the same time, hundreds of neglected pianos are gathering dust in households across Singapore.

Why not rescue these unwanted instruments and share them with those who need it? That's exactly what Play It Forward Singapore did when we started the city's first homegrown public piano movement.

In the process of bringing pianos to public spaces in Singapore, we brought together regular citizens in the act of giving away their pianos for a good cause, local artists and designers who lent their creative talents to transform old pianos into art pieces, everyday Singaporeans whose faces lit up with a smile when their friend sits down to play a tune, musicians who now have a place to practise and perform, urban spaces become places for interaction and bonding, and our friends in need from beneficiaries who can regularly experience the joy of music with the donated piano.

Music is a universal language that bonds the community when enjoyed live and up close for free by all people. Our pianos await the public's engagement and programming that make it happen.

Want to be part of our public piano movement by donating your piano for a good cause or volunteering your talents in art, music, photography and film making?

Share your ideas with us and join the adventure!